Why I decided to overhaul my business and how I completely misjudged how long it would take!

OK so I’m going to start with a full disclosure here! When I announced my REBIRTH back in January 2021 I completely misjudged how long it would take, or to put it another way I was overly optimistic with the timeframe I set.

The ‘Plan’ was to shut down for two months, to audit my product range to see where I could make changes to become more environmentally friendly.

The ‘Reality’ was almost eight months of closure and a complete overhaul of my products and branding.

Where to start?


My first area of concern was the Soy Wax I was using, when I first started my candle making journey, Soy wax seemed to be the obvious choice for a natural alternative to Paraffin waxes.

After over a year of using Soy I came across a few articles about the environmental issues associated with the soybean industry.  I didn’t feel comfortable using it anymore and I knew I had to search for an alternative, more sustainable wax.

After many, many hours of research – I could write a whole separate post on this subject! – I eventually decided on a Rapeseed & Coconut Blend Wax. For an added bonus this wax is completely natural, with no additives used to help it set pretty.

Of course with candle making, changing what wax you use is not a simple process! There are so many factors to take into consideration, including containers, wicks and essential oil blends and, the most time consuming of all – TESTING!

Bumps along the way


As with any journey, they very rarely take a straight line from A-B and 2021 wasn’t short of curveballs!

The year started with lockdown & with that came homeschool. We also had Brexit & the Suez Canal fiasco affecting the supply chain.

With all  the waiting around for supplies it seemed like a good idea to convert the garage into a dedicated workspace. Now that homeschool hell was finally over it seemed like perfect timing…for Covid to reach our household!!



What became clear to me during this process was that the non-negotiable aspect of this rebirth was that I became aligned with my business or my business became aligned with me.

There were times when I felt like I was spending hours, if not days, researching & trying to source supplies that fit with my ethos and it would have been so easy to just compromise and get the cheapest or at least the most readily available option.

It just didn’t feel right to do that. My vision was clear, I wanted to create natural, high vibrational products that are eco-conscious, sustainable and ethical.

My goal was to become an eco-responsible small business, to know that I was doing my bit.

From the raw materials used to make my candles and wax melts, to the plastic free packaging and reusable bags and jars.

Every aspect has been considered and the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option chosen at every point.

The Rebirth was Complete


It wasn’t until the end of August, after announcing at the beginning of January 2021 that I would be closing Love Heal Repeat for a couple of months for a Rebirth, that I finally launched my new & very much improved all Natural, Eco Conscious & sustainably sourced range of candles and wax melts.

I hit the ground running, relaunching at a jam packed Artisan Gift fair on a bank holiday and launched  the website a few weeks later.

It’s safe to say that although last year didn’t go to plan, I am over the moon with the outcome of my overhaul and from the amazing feedback I’ve received so far, so are my customers. 

Thanks for reading about my journey to become an enviornmentally responsible small business. This is only the beginning. Click on the link below to view the full range and have a tree planted for every order.